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Direct Contract issue just made me lose my biggest project

Hi, I am from Pakistan so Paypal doesn't work here so I use Upwork direct contracts to bill my off-platform clients. And every single client of mine has complained about how laggy and bad the Upwork contract system is. And today was the final nail in the coffin as I recently got a project which was my biggest one yet and first Upwork bugged out 4 days ago and my client couldn't get the contract. After 27 tries and 2 days, Upwork fixed that. once that was done, next my client's Paypal couldn't be verified and was asked to use a different account(my client only has one).

With no other way and my client unwilling to try out some of the lesser known payment services I just got the message, "thanks for your time but we can't continue because of this."


Now my question is to Upwork, who is responsible for this? If you are providing services and taking a cut from my payments and also charging my clients a fee, why do i have to face this embarrassment everytime i bill my clients?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdullah,


I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with Direct Contracts recently. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, I've shared it with our team. We did have site issues last week that affected notifications for Direct Contracts and those issues have since been fixed.

~ Bojan

Bojan, your sorry doesn't cut it. I know you don't manage Upwork's payment gateways but let me tell you, the direct contract is absolutely broken. I haven't ever had a smooth experience through it.

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