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Lorna H Member Since: May 25, 2016
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Hi, I am relatively new to Upwork and have just completed my first assignment, however, I submitted a proposal today and have received an email asking me to contact them direct by email, should I be worried, especially about payment.



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Walker R Member Since: Sep 30, 2015
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That's a red flag. I would not work with them.  It means they probably do not want to pay Upwork.  So they are likely to have lots of other character/honest flaws.


Only when you have been with a client for a while or need to share Google docs or something like that would you give them your email.


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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Lorna,

It's a bit early to tell (if you should be worried or not), but it's not too early to be diligent in managing the specifics and important decisions you and your client discuss. Our advice is to keep the communication in the Upwork Message area so encourage your client to do so. If they're prefer to discuss a few details via direct email, that's okay, just make sure you summarize those conversations in the Message area. 


Absolutely do not start any work or agree to any decisions around payment, work deliverables, outside of the Upwork platform. You should agree to deliver work through here and the client should only be paying you through your Upwork account.

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Alexander P Member Since: Jun 24, 2016
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I don't see any problem. My first client did the same and there was nothing wrong with him. As long as he pays through Upwork, it makes no difference how you communicate.