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Direct Link to my website

Hello Community,


Have a question.  The answer may be here, and I'm just wording my question incorrectly.  So, I'm hoping someone here can provide a reply.


I have 15+ years as an entrepeneur, with wide and varied experience.  I have a website with all that information on it as a resume / work experience.


Is it OK to add my website link to proposals so potential employers can review the examples of my work? This is NOT with the intent of taking work off Upwork.  My website refers people back to Upwork to complete the hiring process.


Thanks for replies.



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You can include it in your job proposals but not in profile overview. 

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You can include it in your job proposals but not in profile overview. 

Thanks, Delwar.  That makes sense.

Hi, I actually noticed this photogragher add her website as well as her social media links to her profile... how does that work if you can not add it to your profile and only proposals? 

Hi Aurora,

Linking social media accounts is allowed via profile settings. The purpose for linking your social media accounts is so our system can gather more information about your skills and experience, and use that information for features like job recommendations. Let us know if we may be of further assistance.

~ Jo-An


Why can't I add my portfolio? How are people going to know if I'm any good if they can't see my work?

Hi Danny,


Is there an error message when you tried to add your portfolio items?

~ Joanne

When I try to add a link to my portfolio it says something along the lines of “ no outside links can be added”.

Hi Danny,


Like the rest of your profile, posting contact information isn’t allowed in your portfolio. That means that links added can’t include your email address, phone number, or chat ID. Please check this help article for more information.


Thank you!

~ Bojan

Has this policy changed?


I didn't include mine on a profile but this guy includes his. 


**Edited for community guidelines**


I find that interesting because he is feature by Upwork. 



Are the rules different for different people?

Hi Mandy,


We know sharing past work is important for talent. Therefore, links to external portfolios can be shared on profiles. We understand external portfolios may include contact information, it is still fine to share these, though please make sure to ask the client to only contact you via Upwork.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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I believe that it's okay as long as you cannot be contacted directly through the website.


Thanks! Mary, for your reply.   I will double check that there is no direct contact on the website.  

However, there are enough links there, if one clicks around enough, one is bound to find a way to contact me outside Upworks.


The "no way to contact you" restriction is only for links on your profile. You are allowed to provide contact information when you submit a proposal, so it's not a problem at that stage.

I had a similar query as it will solve a lot of my problems. I am still apprehensive even inspite reading the above responses so thought I would reconfirm again. Is it OK to attach a link to my portfolio website within a proposal? It obviously carries my contact information as how else would it function otherwise. I could send a link in the same post once I receive your response so you can review it. I want to play safe and so wanted to double-check on this. I am a loyal Upwork worker and wouldnt wanna spoil my profile or be suspended for such a thing. So kindly confirm upfront.


If it is allowed then it will greatly relieve me of my troubles as my portfolio website is neatly organised and I can make my proposals richer by adding the relevant link.


Earnestly waiting for your reply.


Kind regards



You can add a link to your portfolio within proposals, but not in your public profile.

Tarun, moderators have responded to this issue in the past, and have affirmed that it is fine to provide any contact information in your proposal or subsequent discussions, just not on your profile.


They want to prevent people from finding you via Upwork and making initial contact outside the site. Once you've sent a proposal, you've officially connected through Upwork and you're free to communicate any way you want--just don't accept payment other than through Upwork.

Thanks for the go ahead on this. I shall make sure to maintain the sanctity of not accepting payments outside of Upwork as I have always done.


Thanks again.

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