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Directing my freelance career.

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Waqas Shahid B Member Since: Oct 15, 2018
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I need some helpful suggestions from so many of my colleagues here who have made things work on Upwork. I thank everyone who will respond and help in advance.


The earnings on my account are soon going to be north of 10K. The issue is I have only worked and am still working with a single client (Who by the way is the best anyone ever worked with). This means that I do not have a job success rate and although I have almost 2000 upwork hours, I cant even get one response on my proposals.


Can you please suggest that now that I have a good account with plenty of work history, what steps should I take to get multiple clients and increase my financial output from freelancing here on Upwork.


Thank you for being such a wonderful and helpful community.



Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Waqas, 


Congratulations in advance for reaching another milestone in your career. I would recommend that you check out these articles from our Hiring Headquarters to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork: 

Hopefully, this helps you with your Upwork career. Good luck!


~ Avery
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Christine A Member Since: May 4, 2016
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You could ask your clients to close their projects and give you a review, then start new contracts with them. Then at least you'd have three reviews instead of one.


However, it looks to me like you're already working very long hours for your two existing clients; do you even have time to do more work? If I were you, I'd ask the clients for an increase in my hourly rate. 


Community Leader
Bev C Member Since: Jan 2, 2018
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I agree with Christine. You're obviously competent for the clients to keep the contracts running so long. Advise the Nov '18 now that your rate is going up from next month and do the same in Dec '19 with the client who hired you in Jan '19 (particularly this one because this is where you're putting in the most hours). Clients are unlikely to increase the rate on their own. 

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Waqas Shahid B Member Since: Oct 15, 2018
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Thank you for your suggestions and help.


I will definitely be asking for an increase in hourly rate.


Can you please look through my profile and suggest any changes?


Thanks you all for your time and help.





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Waqas Shahid B Member Since: Oct 15, 2018
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Sorry for the wrong name.


"Kevin" is a Pseudo assigned by my client for whome I work as customer email support rep and write a lot of emails daily by signing off with "Kevin".


That is the reason I mistakenly used that name.


Also, I was not looking for more hours but needed to enhance my earnings which is why I asked for your help and you gave me a great tip to ask my existing clients to raise my hourly rate.


I hope that you will understand.