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Disappearing Connects **

Dear fellow freelancers, 


I got an email today that said my connects will disappear in 30 days.


My connects balance is 194 and some of them upwork gives for free each month, but most of them I bought some time ago.


Now I have 30 days to spend all of my connects otherwise they will disappear.

How can I do this? I do not want my money wasted!

The tricky thing here is that I have a few ongoing contracts that keep me busy…


How come someone make that counter logical decision - to erase connects that freelancer had purchased?

So you had bought a car but someone hit you on a crosswalk and you are seriously injured (spine broken or something) and you are not able to drive for 12+ months. Then you are eventually healed, got back from a hospital and you find no your car in your garage, you also see a note from the government that says you no longer need a car which was sent to recycle.

How does it sound? 


I paid for connects but did not use them for some reasons so why the f**** I should lost my money spent on connects?


Upwork please dismiss this stupid thing - I'm pretty sure NOONE of your multi million community of freelancer want to see their connects erased. WE PAID real money, why did you decide to rob us this way?

Don't you earn enough?

Don't you get 24% from earnings?

Don't you get money for the ability to send applications?

Don't you charge clients for reports?

Don't you also have a paid membership!


Now you are going to remove connects that are bought for real money. Phhhh…


Dear freelancers, let's make upwork hear us. Please reply and give kudos. Express your opinions! Say them you do not want to be treated like this! 


Have success in getting large contracts! And keep an eye on your connects 🙂

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I agree that purchased connects should not expire. I don't see any benefits for either Upwork or the freelancers, since freelancers just won't purchase them in bulk.

I think this is because of the outdated way they handled the free 60 connects. Surely when there's a expiration date, you are more likely going to use them. But now that system doesn't make much sense. Maybe they just don't want to vault it.

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Community Manager

Hi Sergey,


I understand your concern. Please know that for accounting reasons, Connects need to have an expiration date. However, we did want to give freelancers as much time as possible to use them, so a Connect will remain valid for one year from purchase.


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seriously, you hope we could believe in accounting reason :))

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also, don't you find a very noticeable contradiction in your reply?


You wanted to make them valid for very very very very long time but the reason is accounting. LOL


Which means you did not want to make them valid for long time, you just wanted to make your life easier and again, in thousandth time, have not been thinking about freelancers at all. 

Think of them as bananas with a particularly long -- but not infinite -- shelf life.


🙂  bananas are way much easier to be 'spent' in compare with connects,

I apply for 0.5-1 job per month these days

Phyllis G wrote:

Think of them as bananas with a particularly long -- but not infinite -- shelf life.


My bananas don't last 2 days.

Almost ripe one day - black the next. 

My 268 connects disappeared. Where are they?

Hello Ken,


Thank you for your message.


I see that you have 288 available Connects on your Upwork account. You can check your Connects here. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


Thank you.


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