Disappearing messages

I have observed that messages sent from the My Jobs page do not seem to show up in the client's message thread on the message page. Why not?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vic,


Are you referring to Send Message button on My Jobs page?



When you click that button do you see a message room you have with that client for that contract in a pop up? The message should post in that room. If you have several rooms with the same client it may be a bit confusing.


Could you please submit a ticket request with specific details and screenshots about the room and the message you send?

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


I now understand the situation, I think. To my knowledge, I don't have any 'rooms' with any clients; I'm just using the global message board, so I can see why the message I send from  My Jobs doesn't show up there.



By "rooms" we are referring to separate conversation or message threads you have with clients or team members. If you have an interview or a contract with a client and have exchanged messages with them, you do have message rooms with those clients. When you send a message from My Jobs page they should be sent to the client you have that contract with. Once you send a message from My Jobs page could you please go to your Message tab and search for that message?

~ Valeria