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Disappointing Experience with Client **

Dear Upwork Community,

I am writing to share my experience working with client **Edited for Community Guidelines** on the ClickUp setup and integration project involving Shopify, Amazon, and Wix platforms via Make.com. Unfortunately, I must express my deep disappointment with the overall collaboration.

From the onset, I approached this project with utmost professionalism and dedication. The implementation of ClickUp was successfully executed, following the approved blueprint provided by **Edited for Community Guidelines** and his team. I diligently maintained daily, detailed reports outlining the progress of the project, as well as the stages I was working on. Our weekly meetings served as an opportunity to review the progress made and discuss the next steps.

Throughout the project, I was repeatedly encouraged by **Edited for Community Guidelines** to seek solutions and overcome complex challenges, which I diligently attempted to do. However, it is important to note that some of the tasks he requested were quite intricate, as the existing tools did not readily support the functionalities he sought. Despite this, I persevered and managed to find viable solutions, which were reviewed and approved by both **Edited for Community Guidelines** . Their positive feedback reaffirmed that I was on the right track and should continue with my efforts.

Regrettably, during our most recent weekly meeting, the atmosphere took an unexpected turn. **Edited for Community Guidelines** behavior suddenly shifted to one of aggression, as he resorted to using disrespectful language and laying blame on me for issues beyond my control. This came as a shock, especially after I had worked diligently to meet his demands and address his requirements to the best of my ability. Despite my efforts to explain my ideas and proposed solutions, I was denied the opportunity to express myself further, as **Edited for Community Guidelines** abruptly ended the meeting.

I believe that a productive working relationship requires open communication, respect, and understanding from all parties involved. While I value constructive criticism and feedback, the unprofessional conduct exhibited during the final meeting was both disheartening and unnecessary.

In light of the circumstances, I wish to express my concerns regarding the experience I had while working with **Edited for Community Guidelines** . It is my hope that this feedback serves as an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement in future collaborations. Additionally, I urge the Upwork community to consider the significance of respectful and professional communication when working together on projects.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I remain committed to delivering high-quality work and maintaining a positive working relationship with future clients.



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