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Discrepancy w/weekly limit on time tracker & work diary. Need help! Live Chat support isn't working!

 Upwork Support isn't working for me.  I had a problem with being unable to access live chat a while back (see this thread: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Upwork-Support-isn-t-working/m-p/528904#M322368). I was asked to carry out an extensive and time-consuming process to troubleshoot, but I wasn't able to do so because I was pressed for time. The issue that I needed help with resolved itself within an hour or so, so I forgot about it. Until now.

I am now having a major issue that I need to resolve, and I'm once again unable to access live chat. This time, the problem is more extensive -- I can't get past the "support bot" stage, which is utterly worthless for answering questions about a specific contract.

My client originally set the weekly limit for our job at 5 hours/week. I was approaching the limit, so he increased it to 7 hours/week -- I'm not sure if that was before or after yesterday's update. My problem is that the time tracker is recognizing the new limit, but my work diary is flagging everything beyond 5 hours as over the limit. I'm nervous to keep working because I want to be sure I get paid, but I also can't delay the job. I'm leaving on a 2-week holiday tomorrow morning and have vowed not to work while I'm gone, making it a true vacation. I promised the client I'd finish the project before I go, but this is putting a major wrench into that plan and I can't talk with the support team to get any assistance, and I can't ask him to wait 2 weeks for the last little portion of the job to be completed. 

Please help! See attached screenshot -- it clearly shows the discrepancy. 



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Ugh! How frustrating. I would assume it is just a lag between the two "programs" talking to each other and do the work. But I know you'd prefer to have a more definitive answer. Hope you were able to finish up so you can enjoy your travels stress free. 

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Worst case scenario, I can log the time after 7 pm tonight since Upwork is on UTC and the week resets then. But still, that's not ideal...

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So...it turns out that everything looks fine when viewed in local time rather than UTC. I have no idea why that makes a difference since the time was increased before the hours were logged, but I guess it doesn't matter. At least I can see that the hours *are* being logged properly and can take screenshots to prove my case if I need to. 🙂 

Also, chat support is working again. Thank goodness for that. 

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