Dishonest test results

I recently responded to a job posting. In the followup message the prospective client specifically asked me to take oDesk tests in his name so he could obtain a 10% rating. This makes me wonder of oDesk test results can even be trusted. Has this every happened to you? The "client" should be booted from oDesk with no questions asked.

I have seen such a "job posting" before. Or quite similar ones like "I need someone tracking time on an online learning platform, so I can pass my classes". There are all kinds of cheating attempts. Fooling oDesk seems pretty idiotic since there will always be someone flagging the "job post". In other words, the "client" (and probably the respective contractor account from the same IP address) will be banned/deleted (whatever the terms and conditions stated). However, I guess that the correct answers to the tests are somewhere out there in the internet. You will never fully avoid cheating attempts, but this one is pretty idiotic, though. I mean, searching people on the same platform you're trying to cheat on...come on... Just flag the post. Greetings, André