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Dispute Regarding The Payment .

A Full Brief With ScreenShots And Samples- So I Was Continuously Showing My Progress To The Client (**Edited for community guidelines**) And She Had Stated Multiple Time My Illustrations Was Good, Perfect And That She Liked It . (SCREENSHOTS ATTACHED!!!) . After Some Days She Told Me That She Doesnt Think My Illustration Is Required For Her Website And Wished To Cancel My Contract , I Have Asked Is There Anything I Can Do Before Cancelling The Contract But She Didnt Told Me Anything Which Can Be Done And Asked To Close The Contract Again . Also I Have Requested That The No Of Illustration Required Will Be More So Increase The Budget And She Agreed On That . (SCREENSHOTS ATTACHED!!!) . Now When I Asked For The Payment For My Efforts And Illustration Upto This Point . She Added Another Person "**Edited for community guidelines**" Then He First Ended The Contract Then Pointed Small Mistake Like Aligment And Placement Of Logo Is The Reason Of Ending The Contract . A Client Should Give Atleast 1 Chance So That Freelancer Can Rectify His/Her Mistake . Now Even They Decided They Want To Cancel The Contract What About My Rest Of Work (Illustration) Which According To **Edited for community guidelines** Stated "PERFECT" To ME!!. P.S- ALL THE SCREENSHOTS ARE ATTACHED . ALSO UPWORK OFFICIAL CAN CHECK THE MESSAGES AND FILES WHICH WAS EXCHANGED BETWEEN US. Thanks Rohit.


**Edited for community guidelines**

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Upwork has given you a variety of tools to protect yourself and your work, as a freelancer. Using pre-funded milestones would have prevented all this, or tracking your time in an hourly contract. You've clearly elected not to use them, thus leaving yourself exposed.


Hopefully you've learned a lesson - albeit the hard way.

Hey James Thanks For Replying . I Would Like To Say - This Is Not a solution Of My Question thanks for contributing tho'

No one Is Perfect Everyone Make Mistakes , If Upwork Has appointed someone to look over disputes Then They Should Look At The Proof And Messages Exchange , If a Person raise a dispute its obvious they want a upwork Official To Help In the Despute.


That is not how this works.

Kindly Tell Me How It Works Preston.

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Hi Rohit,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this contract. It looks like you have an open ticket with our team about this case. Please consider following up on your open ticket and kindly communicate with our team through that ticket if you have any questions, in order to keep all the information in one place. 

~ Bojan
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