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Dispute and jSS

I've a question regarding JSS and a dispute 

I have a very good JSS , one of my clients was scamming me  and he refused to pay what we agreed on on the contract , the contract budget was about 400 USD , each time I was submitting the work , he refuse to pay at the 14th day , at the end he closed the contract with no earninings , I've opened a dispute , in the dispute he is offering 100 USD , and of course he already gave me a bad review which I don't deserve actually as I've done the work and most of my clients were giving me high reviews .

what are your recommendations what is better to continue with the dispute or accepting what he offers ,what is the lowest impact on my JSS ?
regards ,

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He's already rated you, so it doesn't matter what you do after that. The impact to JSS has already happened and will be calculated next run. I think the next calculation is this weekend.

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Thanks Jennifer for your reply 

my question is about the amount of money I should accept , because I read that JSS based on the amount of earnings on unsuccessful contracts , so If I accepted the 100 USD it will be better or not than taking the 400 USD for the JSS calculations ?

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Go for the money. The impact will be the same, the difference between 100 and 400 isn't enough to make a difference. The unsuccessful outcome will knock you below the 90% mark either way, so you might as well get paid for your work.

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Thanks Petra for your response

Actually what I've made till now is around 2.6K , that's why 100 USD is different than 400 USD is the impact for me
But what is strange for me is that the dispute process is not checking who is right or wrong , they offer mediation and by the way the mediation agent is a respectable one and helpful .
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Remon N.,


Stand up for the amount of money you've earned.


You might have to compromise after Upwork mediation gets involved, but that's for later.


I hope you left accurate and truthful feedback for this client.


Good luck.

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