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Dispute on hourly contract after completing the work with client satisfaction

My Upwork journey started in 2019, and never faced anything like this before. 


I have many happy clients and have been delivering great services since 2019.


But with a recent hourly contract, a client suddenly stopped the contract in the middle of work. Later, she sent refund requests when I removed her 3-star ratings(though it was unfair because I had followed all instructions and provided the service she wanted). I have all prooves, that I completed her job perfectly, and she was satisfied(Upwork messages). Also, I have video proof, time tracker screenshots, and client confirmation messages.


I am drawing the attention of senior officers in this regard!


Also, after providing reviews on social media and google pages against this activity of my client, the client is threatening to take legal action against me. What should I do in this case? What are your recommendations?


Thank you!

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Hello, I am kinda new to Upwork but I would recommend trying mediation, most organizations would rather resolve the issue in private versus bad press or public reviews.  Good Luck

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I'm sorry to hear about the dispute you're facing with your client. Here are some recommendations on how to proceed:

Respond to the refund request:

  1. If the client has requested a refund, respond to the request and state your case. Provide all of the evidence you have, including time tracker screenshots, video proof, and client confirmation messages, to demonstrate that you completed the work as agreed upon.
  2. Contact Upwork support: Contact Upwork support and explain the situation. Provide all of the evidence you have and ask them to review the situation. They may be able to assist in resolving the dispute or offer guidance on how to proceed.
  3. Don't engage in negative reviews: It's important not to engage in negative reviews on social media or Google pages. This can reflect poorly on you and your business. Instead, focus on providing evidence to support your case and let Upwork handle the dispute.
  4. Stay professional and objective: It's important to stay professional and objective throughout the dispute. Avoid getting emotional or confrontational with the client, as this can make the situation worse. Instead, focus on providing evidence to support your case and let Upwork handle the dispute resolution process.

I hope these recommendations help you resolve the dispute and come to a fair resolution.


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re: "What should I do in this case? What are your recommendations?"


Do NOT give this client ANY sort of refund.

This client's behavior was unprofessional, unethical, and immoral.

It is preposterous for clients to be asking for refunds like this.


What should you do?
You should BLOCK the client from communicating with you in Upwork messages and in any other tool that she was using to communicate with you (email, text, chat, etc.)

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Thanks for your response. 

My client opened dispute requests. 

I have sent tons of data and explained the detailed way to the mediation team. 

I have attached; Client appreciation and confirmation messages screenshots, Videos, Screenshots of work, work-related files, etc. 

If the mediation team had spent propper time on this, I believe they would understand this clearly. I am worried about their action; if they do not spend time reviewing all my data, they might make a wrong decision; where can I reach regarding these concerns? I heard online that the mediation team does not review this proper way, and they make a decision their own way. 


Thank you! 


You misunderstood what happens during mediation.


It is NOT the mediation team's job to understand what happened and make a decision.


They will not decide who is right and who is wrong.


Their job is to facilitate communication between the client and freelancer.

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Hope, its everzthing good with this case. Please. let me know, how to remove 3-star ratings?


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