Dispute on my account

Hello Everybody, 


Three months back, I was hired by a client to do some development work(Most of implementation) on a cloud platform. I delivered the solutions pretty accurately during initial phase and thus got many other implementation tasks from the same client. 


In the later phase, I was unable to manage so many implementations and due to some of my mistakes, I was not able to provide the same pace of delivery I used to do in the earlier phase. So my client put a dispute against me statiing I have not completed any work. 


Upwork, on the other hand, made me responsible solely and put my account on hold. And also told me to resolve it talking to the client. I talked to the client, even helped him transefering the project to the other freelancer. But in response, the client was so rude he denied any adjustments and wanted my account suspended. 


Now, upwrok want proofs that I have completed the work in time. But as that was a cloud platform, I dont have much proofs other than some screenshots and all. Morever, I found the dispute is closed without intimating me. And I cant even contact the support(They have disabled it too it seems). 


This was not my first client. I have had worked with many clients in the past and have good repo. But now I am stuck in the situation. 


Is there anybody who can help me in this?





Hourly job or fixed price? They are treated differently.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shailesh,


Please, submit a new ticket request here or reply to the last message you received from Upwork Dispute Team. You can find it among your recently solved and closed requests. It's necessary that you communicate with the team in order to resolve the issue.

~ Valeria