Dispute over work?

If screenshots were taken of the work that I was doing while i was doing it...How could there be a dispute of the work that was being done? I worked over 13 hours for a client that I feel knows how to manipulate the upwork system used me for 13 hours. He disputed my hours because i didn't have time to update my memos and now I'm out the money! 


I'm extremely upset that upwork sided with him when they have access to the screenshots to see that I DID THE WORK! I want the community to know this is happening so others do not get taken advantage of.


Do you mind if I ask if they got the work you put the time in?


Mary Ann, that's a terrible story and I'm sorry it happened. You did the work and you should get paid, and it sounds as if the client is a swindler.


Depending on the kind of work you did, you may still have some recourse. What type of services do you provide?


I wouldn't say, though, that Upwork "sided" with the client. Upwork has a very clear and specific system, and memos are required for payment protection. Upwork has no authority to determine who is right and wrong in this type of dispute. That's why payment protection exists; if you check off all the required boxes and the client declines to pay, Upwork pays you out of its own pocket. That's a pretty unusual perk that I haven't seen through any other freelancing platform.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mary Ann,


I apologise for the late response to your comment. I checked your dispute ticket and it appears the time you logged on this contract doesn't qualify for Hourly Payment Protection due to having been added as manual time or because of the lack of memos. 


Please refer to the information our team shared on your ticket and check the linked resources in order to make sure your future time is properly logged, in order to avoid similar issues.


re: "He disputed my hours because i didn't have time to update my memos and now I'm out the money!"


Somehow I think you'll find time to update memos on your next hourly project.


I always have time to update my memos.


Anyway, the clients are paying me for my time. So I'm getting paid to update the memos.