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Nino S Member Since: Jan 19, 2021
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Hello. I have a very difficult clients. He didn't give me clear instructions. First, I asked him what he wanted me to sketch. (At that time I wasn't hired, and I wanted to ensure him that I was eligible.) He gave me reference and so I did several sketches based on the reference. He said okay so I was hired. Then he asked me to do the front, back, and so on. I accept and he NEVER gave me a feedback to revise so I continued. He also asked me to do werewolf and he said that the artwork I had done this time was a TEST?!. SO IT WOULD NOT BE PAID. But this matter has fixed. But it wasn't professional in my opinion. Not only that. After I finished the artwork he suddenly asked to change the artwork. Hair,face, and outfit. He found an excuse that he never accepted the artwork since his account was handled by multiple people!!! That is so unprofessional! He even found excuse to avoid the payment , because he said that I did plagiarism (which is not true since I just did what he asked!!! Moreover I gave him several different designs but he chose the one that almost the same as the reference). How to fix this?
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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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What is there to fix, actually?


It sounds like a small job, so if any money is in the escrow (assuming it is a fixed price job), it might be best just to refund the client so you avoid getting a bad public review showing in your profile.


Art type of work is easy for these kinds of bad clients to dispute since the value can be very subjective, but your case seems pretty extreme and completely unprofessional as you mentioned. My sympathies.


The good thing is that you probably learned your lesson here:

  1. Screen the clients properly. (That's the only way to avoid trouble in the first place.)
  2. Specify what you can do for the money promised and what you will not do (just mention it will need more discussion and will cost more).
  3. Don't start any work before the first milestone is funded.


Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Nino, 


I'm sorry to hear that your contract with your client is not working out. I can see that you have already submitted a dispute to our team. One of our disputes team members will update your ticket to assist you further.