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Do I get a connect refund if the client don't go backand check to the job offers?

Have more than 6 job offers boosted for a week now and the clients just dont check at all. 

not the first time I boost for a job that never got any interviews and at the end was not available anymore.
what is the point of boosting if I ll just wasted more than 100 connects on projects that clients just ignore.
I'm not complaining about the platform (have won excellent job offers and new clients) but sometimes it feels like some job offers are just click bait.

It's already annoying with the fake scam job proposals directly in my inbox, at least I can ignore those without loosing connects 

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This system is full of fake jobs.. IT's an attempt for the company to scam money from people.  They don't even have a support optoins. It's just some Piss poor AI bot that can't function correctly.  Which is the example of most fake developers on this site.

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