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Do client read submitted proposal


As a new freelancer in search for his first work on UpWork, I found something quite frustrating. I  submitted a proposal for a job requiring fixing some CSS, HTML bug. The website URL was provided and the bug to be fixed was aslo stated


With the aid of  browser debugging tools and the provided job details, I was able to figure out where the bug is and the fix to this bug. I attached the screen shots to my proposal as an evidence that I can carry out the project.


I couple of hours later,  No invite was sent to any of the submitted proposal and the job of $10 is  award to a top-rated freelancer.


I question is if this thread continue do new freelance stand a chance of getting hired?


Each client has several freelancers from whom to choose. Even if your proposal is perfect for the job, that does not mean that someone else's proposal isn't equally perfect. So yes, new freelancers are competing with established ones. 


Freelancing can be a difficult field to enter. To succeed you have to be good at pitching your services, not just good at performing them. 




Being a kind of a new freelancer on Upwork, I fully understand your concerns. And you are right, it is extremely hard for new Upwork freelancers to find work, as the competition is huge, and you don't stand much chance against a Top Rated freelancer who has 50+ jobs completed on Upwork.


I was in the similar situation last year when I joined Upwork as a web developer. I spent the first two-three weeks trying to get a job, with no success. However, with a bit of a patience and determination, one client finally invited me for an interview, and soon after he hired me. I have completed two jobs with him so far, both ending perfectly.


My advice to you is to always make sure to write a professional, grammar-perfect proposal. If you're having problems with grammar, as do many non-native English speakers, you can download Grammarly extension for Chrome, which will check for your errors in real time and give you suggestions. Be respectful and honest, mention your skills, all of your past experience and the work will eventually come.


You could also try to improve your profile a bit. Since it is private, I am unable to see it, however, lots of new freelancers (including myself) have a very boring profile, which really doesn't help when you're trying to get hired.


I wish you the best of luck!


EDIT: yes, the clients will read your proposals. It's just that there are 30 other people also submitting proposals, and some are just more qualified than you are.