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Do clients receive an email with the contents of a proposal?

Hello Upwork community, 


I am relatively new to Upwork and I was wondering the following: 

When I send a proposal to a customer, do they receive an email containing the contents of my proposal, or do they just get a genaric notification that tells them that freelancer xyz has submitted a proposal?


I have searched through the Upwork support info and forums, and have not been able to find an answer to this question. 


Thank you,



It's roughly 130 characters including spaces. 


So don't waste any with social niceties up front.

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Hi Kevan,


In general, clients do receive notifications about new proposals being submitted to their active job posts. However, no specifics are included in those notifications. They can go to review their job post and find the new proposal there.


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Thank you very much for your reply Andrea!

That's a shame though, it would be much better if the client at least received "part" of the message contents, or perhaps a "headline." At this point, I have several outstanding proposals, most of which were with clients that are funded and have hired freelancers previously, and when I check their job postings, most say that they have not viewed their information since before I submitted my proposal. 


At any rate, thank you for the response, 


We do. The email Upwork sends includes your name and profile pic, your bid, your profile title, a link to your profile and the first couple of lines of your cover letter. 

Thank you very much Tiffany, 

Do you know how many words may be included in "the first couple of lines?" 

I ask because I have been only tageting jobs for which I am 100% capable of providing high value and it would be great to know how best to approach these clients to get their attention. 


Thank you so much Tiffany!

It's roughly 130 characters including spaces. 


So don't waste any with social niceties up front.

LOL...you're awesome Tiffany, thank you again for the extremely helpful info!

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