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Do not accept invitations outside of this platform. please this is not a questions. this is warning

Too many job proposals are appearing but at once they invite you to continue the conversations via telegram and WhatsApp. Please don't do it, because you immediately fall into a trap and you may not receive your payment, upwork guarantees your payment and the honesty of the job position. Learn to say no even if they offer you more money.
Those fabulous offers are sometimes a loss for you as a Professional. Good luck on your next project!    


Due to the amount of layoff, the scammers are very creative, offering thousands of dollars and at the end of the situation, you neither have a job nor payment and you wasted your time.

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Also you may be banned. Outside contact without contract is ToS violation. Be careful.

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Staying vigilant and prioritizing safety when navigating job opportunities online is crucial. Accepting invitations outside trusted platforms like Upwork can pose risks, including potential scams and non-payment. Upholding the integrity of the platform's security measures is key to safeguarding yourself as a professional. Thanks for the reminder to stay cautious and prioritize safety over enticing offers that may be too good to be true.

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