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Do profiles waiting for approval appear in searches?

Today I did a quick search for freelances and got amazed at how many profiles were listed showing cartoons, logos or photos heavily edited, some profiles even without photos. I wonder if this is a glitch or something. Maybe they are profiles that were not approved yet but still can appear in searches? As long as I know freelancers need to have a real photo in their profiles to be approved. Or did this change? Do Upwork staff check this once in a while?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sergio, 

Profiles that are yet to be approved do not appear on searches. We have a dedicated team that reviews these accounts. But if you see any profile that violates any of Upwork's User Agreement, you may flag these profiles as inappropriate, report this directly to us through a private message, or file a ticket with the Upwork Customer Support team so that the profile can be reviewed and actions can be taken on the freelancer's account. 

~ Avery
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