Do regular clients count for feedback?

If a client hires you for some job and gives you feedback, and then, later on, hires you for another one and gives you another new rating, do these count for your global score, or do only unique ratings count? 


Yep, they sure do count. I have a client who insists on opening a new contract for every article, 2-3 times a week. It counts toward global JSS, but not toward other statistics like "% of clients who would recommend you". I'm unsure if they count as "longterm clients" if they choose to hire you piecemeal like that. 


I believe that they each count because they are separate contracts.


Hi Alexander,


Every job counts individually toward your JSS, meaning, yes, if a client hires you, ends the job and leaves feedback, then later hires you again on a new contract, they will both be included in your score.


Thanks for the replies. Adding to my question, is there any difference or advantage for a client to keep adding milestones to a job, instead of closing it and opening a new one?


I have a client that hired me for a job, which I delivered. He was pretty satisfied and sent me more work for a different project, but used a new milestone instead of opening a new job. I would much rather have him close the old one, give me a rating, and then open a new job and give me another rating on that one.

Hi Alexander,


If the contract is kept open and milestones are added, this can be counted as a long-term contract which can also have a positive effect on your JSS. Long-term relationships are considered a plus and can help boost your score, but not having them won’t count against you because other factors are taken into account.



Excellent, so it seems that either way is good, both having a few jobs or one large one.


Thank for your help.