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Do you agree with how the feedback score is calculated? (weighted based on how much the client pays)

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Vijay D Member Since: Aug 17, 2013
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Okay well I started this topic because I think something should be done about how the feedback score is calculated. My experience: I have had 28 five star reviews going and then I received a 2 star review. So my perfect 5 star overall review fell to 3.59. I don't like to speak bad about any of my clients but this client in particular could not make up his mind on what he wanted for his video(I am a video editor). He said he wanted XYZ and I gave him XYZ then he does not like it and want it changed. Example: He gives me a song that he loves and wants it in the video. Then when I give him the end product he no longer wants that song. As you can imagine videos took a while before they became final. After 6 months of working he suddenly closed my contract and left a 2 star review and would not reply back to me. I spoke to customer service and they said a review has a larger effect on your overall review based on how much you were paid for the job. I think this is extremely unfair. Even if that is the case it should not be so heavily weighted where an average of 28 5 star review and one 2 star review averages out to 3.59. After I received the 2 star review I have not been able to obtain a next job from February ( have not been applying to much) but still this has had a severe effect. I think Odesk should make a change to either eliminate the weighting or reduce the weighting of reviews based on how much you are paid. NOTE: I know refunding will remove the 2 star review however that will also eliminate the pay I received for 6 months.
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Misty K Member Since: Feb 5, 2012
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Many don't see the weighting of the feedback as fair, but with your case, and basing this only on your side of the story, there is no real way to see who is right or wrong. So, unfortunately, it is what it is. I've had unfair occurrences and just dealt with them, that's life and work. If you don't want it there you're going to have to refund, or otherwise just deal with it.