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Do you bother applying/bidding at a higher rate than the client says is their budget?

Community Guru

As the title suggests, I'm curious as to how many people bid higher than the job's supposed budget. If so, have you ever had a client accept your bid?


I just applied for a job that's budget was $20. My rate would be $55 for the amount of work they're wanting, so I decided to bid at that, anyway.

Community Guru

Yup.  I often bid higher than the budget, and seem to have no trouble finding work.  I don't bother to bid on jobs that have a ridiculous budget (like someone asking for a 30-page academic thesis edit for $5 with a 4-hour turnaround..) because I know those clients aren't looking for MY services.  But if the client looks serious and fairly intelligent, I never let their budget keep me from throwing my hat in the ring.



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I had never done it until 3 days ago, it had a $10 budget, I brought it up to $20 and the client awarded me the job in no time. I used to stay away from any jobs that didn't have a budget I like, but I guess I'll be applying to more of these Smiley Happy

I suppose the budget can mean different things, some I can think of are:
- What a client would like to spend, whicht could change if he's convinced it's worth it
- A client has no clue what it would cost and will accept a normal price so just put $5 for the whole project

- A client has no clue what it would cost and will accept a normal price, but because he knows it won't cost $5, he just guessed the price

- Actually what the client wants to spend



Community Guru

I do that sometimes but only when the project is really interesting and the client seems to have paid other contractors a rate within the same level (or almost the same) as mine. It means they were able to afford such budget so they may be able to do so again (if convinced).