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Do you make a new excuse when you've menstruation or just blurt your 'bleeding is killing work'?

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Kevin C. N Member Since: Oct 4, 2016
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Wow, just wow... I usually just try to plow through no matter the situation: It fortunately hasn't happened so far, but if ever I was unable to work due to some pain/illness I think letting my clients know "I'm not feeling well" is about as far as I would go in terms of information. Why anyone would think a client should be aware of their menstrual cycle is beyond me...
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Charles K Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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Only about half the word appears in the topic list and I was like... "No, it couldn't be..."


But it is.


I admire your honesty at least. But no, you do not discuss this with clients.


You've received some good advice. Adjust your schedule if possible so your workload is lighter during these times. Otherwise, if it's really debilitating, treat it like any other illness or extenuating circumstance, but be prepared for clients to lose patience if this happens more than once on a project.


I would really focus on workload management. This applies to any situation where there may be times you cannot work. Sometimes I travel and I can do work but my time is limited, so I put in extra time before the trip to get as caught up as possible, for example.


I do think it is reasonable, if you have a long-term client, to tell them you have a chronic illness that occasionally makes it very difficult for you to work for short stretches of time. Then they can decide if they can live with it or not. It doesn't matter what the illness is, and I doubt most clients want the details.