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Do you use PayPal, Payoneer or direct bank transfer? (especially Romanian freelancers)

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Cristian B Member Since: Aug 23, 2017
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Hey guys 🙂

What's your preferred method of getting paid, and why? I'm currently using Payoneer card, but I'm thinking of switching to Paypal or direct wire transfer, or withdraw from Payoneer directly to my bank account, depending on the fees. I've read a lot of stuff about fees, and it's pretty confusing, for example PayPal, on a FAQ page on their website they state that withdrawing to a bank account is free, yet on another page there's a fee calculator for withdrawing to a bank account 😄 So is it free, or is there a fee? 😛


So I'd like to stay on the safe side and ask people that actually use PayPal or other payment processors, I'd like, like us all, to keep my expenses reduced as much as possible 🙂


Thank you kindly,


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Ozan S Member Since: Dec 30, 2017
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If you're located in Romania, wire transfer will cut $30 which is a relatively big amount compared to $1 cut by Paypal & Payoneer. Unless you're transferring a significant amount, I'd say stick to the other options.


As for PayPal vs. Payoneer; I personally use PayPal, but seems like more freelancers rather fancy Payoneer. You may want to check out if either service has certain benefits for your location (Romania, or Europe). One may have cheaper transfer costs for instance, when you want to transfer the money from the service to your bank account. Things like this. Since they both cut $1 for your Upwork transfers, I think at the end it boils down to personal preferance.


Also, this Quora thread may help.



Community Guru
Cristian B Member Since: Aug 23, 2017
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Hi Ozan,

Thank you for the answer 🙂 I'll try to ask support for both PayPal and Payoneer, there are so many articles on both their websites that make everything very confusing as far as fees, guess I'll have to ask them directly, might be safer that way.