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Does Elance's 2 year window follow me to Upwork

I was with Elance for many years as a web designer and found it, for the most part, a flawless site. I have many clients on Elance.  Now elance has announced that they will not take any new projects after Sept, even from existing Elance clients. Most of my clients are outside of elance's 2 year window and I can deal with them directly. Several, however, are withing the 2 year window. I have asked them to place new projects on Upwork. They tried, found the Upwork platform disfunctional,  and informed me that they will be going to other freelance sites to find work. They have invited me to look for them on other sites.


My question is can I deal with these people directly or am I bound on Upwork by the 2 year Elance window? If I find them on another freelance site can I bid on their projects there or am I restricted by the Elance rule, if it carries over to Upwork,  to only work with them on Upwork and not bid on their projects on another freelance site?


I am really trying to abide by the rules here, but I don't think, since Elance will no longer take new projects after Sept and Upwork has so many problems, that the Elance rule should apply to Upwork.


What are my options?


They will tell you we are bound to their contract/agreement when we signed up. 


If the clients are leaving, and the freelancers are leaving, thereby breaking the contract, what is UW going to do? Sue everyone?  


They don't seem to have the money to create a proper platform, so I doubt they have what it takes to sue everyone. 


They breached their own contract with us a long time ago. 



sorry, the last message got cut short, what I was trying to say is:


Thanks Cairenn for your comments, I am sure that is the case but since I am new here I would like to hear from an Upwork staffer so I don't do the wrong thing and get suspended. I am hoping that soon Upwork will get it's act together and run as smooth as Elance.



I just spoke to a lady from Customer Service and she stated that repeat business does not need to go through Upwork, I can work off of Upwork as long as any job discussed or contracted through Upwork is completed and paid for through Upwork.

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