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Does Upwork actually educate clients on the importance of JSS?

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Tiago S Member Since: Mar 20, 2012
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Hello everyone. I have no problems with JSS, I have 100% since last August, but recently my girlfriend started here and since I know how hard she worked, and knowing how her clients were, some of the them first timers here, I decided to voice my concern.


She had the rising talent badge, and things were going great, then suddenly it vanished. Finally the JSS came around a month later and it was 75%. Which I find quite "amazing". Looking at the projects she already has feedback on, and since around a couple of those clients are comebacks, I can't help to fail to understand how it can result in a 75%.


With all of this, I want to ask, and I would appreciate a very honest answer. Does Upwork actually educate the clients on the importance of feedback? Does Upwork tell them that giving anything less than 9 in the recommend section will ruin the freelancer's score? I am truly dissapointed with this system. I voiced my concern one time, but I thought it was fair anyway. Then my score picked up. But looking at an outside situation, one that I witnessed directly the last 3 months or so, and see its evalution result in a 75% is an injustice.


75% is very serious. Its very near the threshold. Upwork is risking alienating good freelancers for the sake of having this weird score system. I don't know if Upwork already realised this, but its the freelancers that bring revenue. Without freelancers, bad or good, where would the clients be? I just hope she can manage to stay motivated and continue here.

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Tiago S Member Since: Mar 20, 2012
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Sorry for the double post, but another thing I want to say.


We have all of our lives, basically, in our profile. There is exactly what we earned, which, when a person builds a career here, is even worse since basically everyone knows exactly how much you earn.


Couldn't this be applied to private feedback as well? Maybe a freelancer wouldn't be able to request a change to private feedback, but at least he would know what exactly went wrong and would be able to improve the next time.


This lack of transparency for JSS is incredible but then there are no problems just showing to everyone how much a freelancer earns.

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Una D Member Since: Aug 6, 2015
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JSS calculation is scandalous! I keep getting my score dropping even though I have score 4.97 with great public feedback! In last 24 months I have had almost 50% of my long term clients - that I know they are 100% happy with my work (otherwise they wont keep rehiring me again and I have great communication with them). I suspect that 2 jobs were not my top notch - but even that could not caused 11% in score dropping. If they were completely unsatisfied, which I doubt, than they would give me bad public feedback also. But my score is 89% now and I lost my Top rated status (this dropping happened in a really short period of time).


I have had 2 jobs without any workload from client. We talked about job and after I accepted the offer they just dissapeared. And as the clients were not answering neither mine nor Upwork messages, I needed to close those contracts - is that my fault and should that be calculated in MY JSS?? And those affected my score dramatically!



Lots of holes in those calculation and this score calculation is making damage to freelancers profiles.

As I get it, good feedback is scored much less than some bad (or is it bad? for example if client gives 8,9 out of 10?).


For example, I chased my long term clients to close the contracts that were inactive for some time (4 of them), plus one client that after succesfully finished main part of the project, that was agreed in job offer, left contract open, so I can help her with some additional, occasional changes. They did close it, with of course perfect grades and after that my score dropped further for couple of percentage!! Two weeks later it dropped again without previous activity with contracts.


Clients also may not be objective and may ask for more than agreed in first place and leave bad feedback at the end. Some jobs are test jobs also, when client is searching for best  freelancer fit - in that case maybe client leaves "job not finished" but that doesnt mean that we did something wrong and that we should be punished with lowering the JSS. Some jobs are very short term jobs - fixing something or whatever...maybe it cant be fixed like client imagined and client may leave "job not finished" but again not because freelancer didnt do it or didnt want to do it or doesnt know how to do it, but because its impossible to do it that way.


When new client look at the JSS and see 89% he thinks that I have not delivered the job at all for that 11%, which is huge percentage in that case and its not true. 



Calculation is bad, parameters taken are wrong, but Upwork doesnt care obviously.


Sorry for long post, but I am really $#$(#$ with this issue and Upwork`s nonchalance on this important question from freelancer`s point of view.