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Does Upwork ban accounts for bidding on so many jobs and not getting hired?


I would like to know if Upwork will ban your account if you bid so many jobs and no one hires you!

A friend of mine's account was banned for the same reason 2 years ago. He bid for several jobs but was not hired for any. However, clients contacted him.

So I'm very confused if that's the case then how do people get jobs?

Thank you

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Hi Ramesh.

That is not the case. You can bid on as many jobs as you want, and Upwork benefits from the connects you purchase. It might be the case for using any automation or bots to bid and Upwork might have some repercussions for that.




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No, Upwork won't ban your account for that. Some freelancers have been here for years, bidding on projects but never getting any. If your friend was contacted by clients but never officially hired, Upwork might have suspected him of taking clients off of the website, and that's why he was suspended. Some freelancers do this, and it's against the rules because then Upwork doesn't get their commission.

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