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Does Upwork communicates with Countries tax offices?

The question is in the subject, 


To me it's a matter of time as I earned a bit of money with upwork in May but I said to my country tax office it was in March, it was a mistake, I don't know if I need to contact tax officers.


So my question is, does upwork report to tax offices the money it pays to freelancers? And also, does upkwork states when the money was sent?








Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nicolas, 

Upwork doesn't communicate with your country's tax office per se. However, the services supplied by Upwork to freelancers who reside, have a permanent address, or are established in the European Union are subject to VAT there. Upwork is responsible for charging, collecting and remitting this VAT when providing these services to our EU customers, and in this case, freelancers in France. Assessing VAT is an important element to continue providing services to our EU customers.

This is based on Directive 2006/112/EC ("EU VAT Directive"), and Upwork's services qualify as electronically supplied services (ESS), which are subject to VAT at the place where the customer (i.e. the freelancer) is established or resides. You may read more about it here.


If you have concerns about your taxes, it would be best to get in touch with a legal advisor so that they can assist you further with your tax specific concern.

~ Avery
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