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Does Upwork send out wire transfers over the weekend?



I normally get paid by wire transfer and it always takes a day to enter my account. 


But I requested a payment on Friday and still, on Sunday, my money is not in my bank account. 


Is this because of the weekend? Does Upwork not process payments over the weekend? It's certainly not my bank, because I receive wires from all over every day of the week.


Anyone have any insight on this?

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Depending on time of day you request payment from Upwork, your request might be executed during the overnight of the same day or the following business day.


I have never noticed Upwork process payments on a Saturday or Sunday, so transfer requests received on either of those days will be treated as if it were received on the next business day (the following Monday, if that is not a holiday).


If you request a transfer after Upwork's daily cut-off time (whatever that is) on a business day, it will be executed the following business day and, if your bank account is in the US, likely appear in your bank account the day after that.


Different countries will have different timelines for when Upwork initiates a transfer and when it is available in freelancer bank accounts in those countries.

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