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Does a proposal being declined as spam cause ID verification?

Hi all,


So I recently got a proposal declined and the reason given was that it was spam and I "obviously not meeting requirements".


Now, I am not meaning to be petty but that was completely ridiculous. Not only was the job labeled as "entry-level" but I also felt that I am more than qualified for the job. I spent about 15 minutes carefully answering every question and providing examples of my past work.


If that was the end of the story I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Their loss right? However, not more than half an hour later my account got suspended for an ID verification. What makes it even weirder is that I literally got my account ID-verified (video call and everything) the day before.


As soon as I could, I provided all the relevant documents and am waiting to hear back from UpWork (it's been about 22 hours). I have had all my active proposals withdrawn as well which is disappointing to lose those connects.


My question is this: Are the two events related? How could they do this to me when my ID got verified literally the day before? What effect does a proposal being declined as spam have?


Thanks in advance!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joshua, 

It's very unlikely that the two occasions are related. Upwork has several identity verification processes and users may be asked to verify more than once.


I can confirm that the verification you completed the other day was for the ID Verification Badge. This verification request that you recently received is for a different process. Once the issue with your account has been resolved, you should be able to access the full features of your account, and start applying to jobs in the Upwork marketplace. 

~ Avery
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