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Does agency member's JSS or the Agency Score JSS affect Agency owner's profile JSS?

Hi there,

                   I am planning to start a new Agency on Upwork. Currently, I have a 100% JSS on my profile and I thrive to maintain that for coming years. If I create a Agency and add lets say 2 members to it. Will their JSS affect my individual JSS which I currently have on my profile as I am the owner of that Agency?

I know that their JSS will impact the Agecny's JSS and their own but will that affect my individual profile's JSS as I am the owner of the Agency they work for?


Also what will the JSS be of the Agency that I'll be newly creating? Will my 100% JSS have any impact on the JSS of the agency that I start? 


Community Member

I would like to know this as well, before I try.


Hi Nilesh and Strahinja,


Thank you for your message. Apologies for the delay in responding to your question. I would like to inform you that your JSS for your Agency and Freelancer accounts are calculated separately. That said, you will not have a JSS score on your newly created Agency profile. Let us know if you have any other questions. 


Thank you,



Hi, Pradeep! Thanks for response! But will I risk my personal JSS with my agency? My fear is that I can lose my personal freelancer JSS because some member from my agency make some error. Is that posible?

Hi Strahinja,

Yes, in general, agency owners are responsible for all work of their agency and agency freelancers. So once the agency has enough outcomes to qualify for a JSS, their profile will reflect the collective JSS of their agency rather than their own account ratings, if their account is set to agency exclusive.


While the original post didn’t get any engagement from Community members back when it was posted, it was recently bumped up. So I was addressing the question both Nilesh and Strahinja (and whoever else may be viewing the thread) had. I understand that this may be confusing  and have edited my post to address both posters.


Thank you,



Hi, Pradeep! Thanks for response! Is that means that if I'm not agency exclusive of my own agency I can have separate JSS for my personal profile and agency?

Hi Strahinja, 


Thank you for following up. Yes, if you are a non-exclusive agency member with no default team, the agency is not mentioned in search results and your Freelancer JSS is displayed. You can find more information in this help article


~ Nikola

Pradeep, I don't think the word "delay" does this justice. 😉




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