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Does anyone make a living wage off freelancing?

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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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LIKE! I have a client-candidate who says I need to justify my rate (because I am currently traveling around in Asia and according to him, people in Asia live on less than $200 a month so my rate should only be 1/10 of what I'm asking). This person clearly does not understand the difference between surviving and living. I asked him if he explains his going rate for his customers and he said no, there is no need for it. I told him that he has just answered his own question (he didn't get it btw).

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Kashif I Member Since: Jun 7, 2011
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100% agreed. But no one seems to be realizing that. I think the blame has to go the freelancers. The trend to 'undercut' your own 'kind' is what is making the life of freelancers a nightmare.
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Kashif I Member Since: Jun 7, 2011
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I live in Pakistan and have to support a family of 3 (myself including). The race to the bottom has long started to manifest itself. It is impossible to live a good life working at $3 or even $5/hr. I strongly believe there is a need for some regulation even in the free market or utter chaos will follow. Two years ago I had plenty of work at $20-$25/hr. Now in Feb. 2014, when I am much more skilled and experienced, I am finding it hard to find a job that pays $10/hr. What are those employers thinking? Are we trying to form a 4th world? Because, I live in what you call 3rd world and I can't live a life being paid at $5/hr. And one thought days of slavery were over!
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Darrell H Member Since: Aug 12, 2013
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There are plenty of people who do well freelancing. But the freelancers at ODesk need to stop settling. Who can blame a client if they can get someone who does decent work at $2 a job? I don't know how you organize a group as dispersed as freelancers on ODesk, but until people start saying "no" to the low payments, low payments will be the norm.