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Does changing industry affect my profile's visibility?

When I started on Upwork, I used to build WordPress Websites. But the competition for those jobs was very high (100+ proposals for a $50 job of complete website creation). 


A couple of years ago, I got an invite from WordPress.com for a customer support role, and the money was decent. I worked in that role for nine months and then got another job at a Web Agency as a Support Engineer that lasted for eight months. 


Both of these jobs ended in 5-star feedback. But ever since my last job ended, I've applied for over 40 jobs. I won some interviews, but there are almost no visits to my profile and literally no invites. 


What I can think of is that since I already had jobs (full-time), I stopped applying for new jobs during that time. Now, all of a sudden, I'm applying again. Maybe it takes time!!


From your experience, what can I do to increase visits to my profile (apart from applying for more jobs, as I'm already doing so)? 


Also, does changing industry (From WordPress Designer to Support Engineer) affect the profile's rankings?


Any help is appreciated. 

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