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Does location affect pay?

Hi Upworkers,


I'm a very experienced writer and editor but new to Upwork. I'm British-American but am now based in Peru. I was just wondering whether my location might negatively influence clients' expectations about what they should be paying me, ie might some expect to be able to pay me less because I am not based in the US or Europe? Any feedback greatly appreciated!


Location can't dictate how much you're willing to accept as payment.

If you present yourself as a top professional in your job applications and profile, most clients won't give your location a second thought.

Some will. But most won't care.

Remember: clients don't care about your life story. They care about what you can do for them and their business.

Br professional and assertive in your applications, and explain but don't apologise for the discrepancy in your location and your professional ability.


Hi Simeon,


First off, Welcome to Upwork!!


I don't have to tell you that, "if you got the special talent/ skills, you can command top dollar". Location never dictates the pricing of the contract. You have already made it clear that you are a British-American and also that you are an experienced writer and editor. You've got all the right things going for you, all you need to do is to showcase your talent, in the form of a portfolio on your profile or you can send some feelers out in the way of customized cover letters for select job posts.


There are jobs/ clients who are willing to spend that extra buck for top notch quality. Those would be your target audience. Make them standup and take notice by writing up a good Overview/ job profile.


All the very Best to you! 


(since you are a writer/ editor yourself, you may notice a lot of glaring mistakes, both grammatical and sentence constructionwise, in my reply. Please excuse :))


hey Nikhil, 

I wouldn't worry about how you write in the forum.. remember that restaurant cooks sometimes order takeout, construction workers sometimes have homes that look like shacks, CSR's don't always like to talk on the phone when they're at home.... so if you have some grammatical errors or whatever you're worried about here on your off time you're entitled! 🙂 


great reply to Simeon btw! 

It shouldnt but descrimination or cost of living does. If the rate offered is lower than what you normaly get at home but would still be considered a premium pay after conversion to local currency in Peru, I suggest to accept the rate. Be realistic and pragmatic, trust me I'm an Economist. 



I used to work with a co-freelancer who was a westener living in the Phil. We basically had same tasks but he had a rate 4x higher then mine. He was an expert and really delivered but he didnt last long thought. It just didnt make sense for the client to pay more for output I could also produced.  But you can still get a higher pay if you mention your nationality in your overview like what some freelancers living in 3rd world countries do, just don't get too greedy. 😉





@ Simeon


Primarily, it's ALWAYS ON YOU to convince any potential client that they should pay you whatever your rate / your bid is at the time. Also note that you will find clients that are also trying to work the exchange rates too. It's one of many reasons why you'll see low prices for jobs. Try not to "fall for that" (<<< for lack of better words) idea. You can always attempt a higher bid and get it too. But you better do a pretty good job of convincing a client to pay you rather than hire someone else. We're ALL in that same situation no matter where we're located.


Your location is only a real concern with clients that want someone in the same time zone. Some clients I have spotted have had either big problems or outright weird problems with freelancers in far off time zones. The problem starts when clients don't mention it in their job post(s). The job post only says "I want someone from the US / Europe / wherever". Things like that could have been caused by any number of reasons. So there IS still a chance you could land one or more of those job(s).


And as mentioned, some won't even give locations a second thought.


Most of the time, I just simply mention in my application that I only reside in this country and I'm not from this country. Especially on those job posts that say "Native English Speakers Only" (or something similar). So that has not really caused much of anything for a problem for me as of yet. Not with clients that do read the cover letters anyway!!




@ Nikhil


I'm also a writer and proofreader, among other things. But I'm pretty sure by now that most, even others that don't do this type of work, won't bother "nit picking" your post in such a manner. Most forum users won't bother due to the "relaxed" nature of the posts found in many forums.


If someone did, I'd hate to see what happens to those posts that look like they were texted in (other forums)!! Smiley LOL  And someone would be impressively busy "nit picking" posts from this forum so much that they'd never get a chance to do any actual work on this platform!!


Unless of course you were asking and were looking for advice/help in the matter!! Just checking to make sure!! hahahaha Help requests are all over the place!!