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Does "My Feed" include jobs that aren't in saved searches?

My understanding was that when My Feed was reworked a while back it now only includes jobs that are in saved searches. Is that true?


The reason I ask is that all four of my saved searches have this exclusion filter:

AND NOT (NFT OR crypto OR cryptocurrency OR romance OR bit.ly OR SEO OR ghostwriter OR copywriter OR turnitin OR blockchain OR ICO OR t.me)


On my "My Feed" page, I'm getting some jobs leaking through. Yesterday is was romance books, today it's romance and blockchain. But those jobs aren't on any of the four saved searches when I run them individually.


So, is My Feed also pulling from somewhere else or is it borked?


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That seems like a glitch. I am curious from where the feed is pulling (even though I do not have an option to save my searches).


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Just to close this in case someone else runs into the same issue: yesterday I deleted all my saved searches and recreated them (exactly as they were), and that solved the issue.

Thanks for sharing; it actually helped me.

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