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Does the Upwork Community Agree with the points I have posed?

There are some Upwork Rules that I think should be reworked, discussed with the community and implemented. Because most of these points mentioned affect each and every freelancer negatively because it is our hard-earned money. Especially for people like me who have been there since oDesk & Elance. Who knows the power of these platforms and how they have supported us.


00 - For Upwork veterans or people who have been working actively on Upwork for over two years should only be charged no more than 10% for new clients and the same progression of charges as you have now. Because with the kind of clients that have been rooting on Upwork recently is incommensurable. There is an immense amount of people who are trying to fish for information on Upwork to check the quote provided to them by their local vendors. Thus Charging freelancers 20% on transactions up to $500 when they are only doing logos for $100 or $125 to be competitive(example) they get very less. Also now the connects are not free they are paid. With more connects required for larger projects. so any fake project is a loss for us but a profit for Upwork in any case. Until you identify the account as fake and return those connects back to us,


01 - Please do not let any client post a job on Upwork without payment verification.


02 - Once the client hires a freelancer the first milestone or the fixed amount should be put into escrow immediately.


03 - For Manually added Hourly jobs, I suggest clearing the payment within/up to one-week because the three week protection time is too long it means for every hourly job I am paid after three weeks. Please bear with me here as I try to explain the situation.


Our hourly log is completed every Friday and sent for approval to the client the next day. Once the client approves it the money will come into my account after three weeks which means the work I did in the first week of a month the payment will be made in the second month. For example, On Jan 7th the client approves the manual time the payment of which will come into my account by either end of January or Early February depends when they have approved the amount. Conditions like these are only present when some multi-million dollar companies when they enter into an agreement for "2/10 n30" kind of contracts.


We, freelancers work here to earn some money to support ourselves and our families, 


04 - Upwork Windows app needs to be refined for a multi-monitor setup. The activity rating on your tool is buggy because if I move my monitors around or don't work on the monitor where the app is running the app does not track any activity. 

For example, I have photoshop running on one monitor and illustrator running on another monitor with a browser running on the third monitor to search for images, logos, icons, inspiration. This is quite difficult and it takes screenshots without prior notification. When it does take the wrong screenshot it does not take a new screenshot if I delete the screenshot within those 5-10 seconds whatever it is.


05 - JSS - Job Success Score still a mystery March update. Please tell us, For a freelancer like me, I would like to do everything to improve my JSS. How will I improve my JSS until and unless I don't know what is causing this issue because I had only one bad review last year and since then I have Amazing ratings and reviews from clients, not even a single client has given me a bad review and still I have not reached above 90%? there was a month when I could not score even a single project and my JSS went down to 70%.


Currently what your JSS seems is like the following equation.,

Where X=10, Y = 15, Z=20,  Note that XX, ZZ & YY are being multiplied rather than added to each other to gain a higher percentage over lower-priced projects such as X


X + Y + Z + ZZ + XX + YY = Total/weighted average = JSS


This is just constructive criticism and loyalty to Odesk, Elance & now Upwork. 


Thank You 

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