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Doing freelancing on Upwork from past 8 months not even able to make 2k$

Please give me some tips on How to find the best client according to my prices most of the time I got client who either wants to work in 5$ or wants to hire me for a month for 100$. In very rare cases I got good but they all are short term only for one project, please tell me also How can i find the long term clients

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Hi Sagar,

 There's no other magic to winning the long-term or returning clients than to serve excellently. WInning the client's satifaction is our victory.  Just keep doing your best efforts and soon you will be heading towards your


Best Wishes.  


You can check my profile every client is completely satisfied with my work🙏
And most of the time active on upwork also. Idk what is going on wrong


Everything is perfect in your profile. Focus to send the proposals in a professional manner and confidently

let the client know how you can solve their problem. Keep your communication good.

Best of luck! 

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