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Don't receive any money for my work

I have a really bad experience with my second job in upwork. I landed a contract of 100$ for make an api (backend) i submit proposal and clarify if client only want the api of the aplication, she agrees and i start working. I submit the work to the client never approve the milestone cause she wanted backend and front when we only agree to make the api. I explained to her and propose her another milestone for making the front end. I submit the work and was for 2 months in a loop where she asking for new features out of the work scop (I don't say anything cause i'm a beginner here and a bad review will ruin my possiblities to get job). After the unfair loop of requesting new features and new things in her aplication she didn't ask for more changes. After a week of "revision" for some reason upwork put the contract in hold for problems with her account and my funds in scrow drop to 0. I contacted her but only respond me with that she already submit information to upwork support. Well the contract keeps in hold after 2 months  and the client doesn't respond me. I reciebe notification of upwork closing the contract if the client doesn't update contract (cause its already been 70 days without activity) so they will give the funds in scrow (that is 0) I contacted upwork support cause client doesn't respond me and they tell that can't do anything. Its amazing client gets my job for free and i lost 2 months of my life never though this will happen in a platform as upwork.


Hi Stalin,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like one of our agents already shared additional information on your support ticket. If you have further questions or need further assistance feel free to follow up with our team directly on your ticket and they will be happy to assist you further. 


~ Nikola
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re: "Don't receive any money for my work"


This means you used Upwork incorrectly.


You need to learn what you did wrong, and not make the same mistake again in the future.


Fixed-price contracts are a more complex contract model. You may need to ONLY ACCEPT hourly contracts for now, until you have had time to study fixed-price more carefully and strategize how to deal with various problems.


re: "I contacted upwork support cause client doesn't respond me and they tell that can't do anything."

Until you are prepared to deal with problem fixed-price clients without having any help whatsoever from Upwork Support, I recommend that you only accept hourly contracts. You need to study more and learn more so that you don't make the same "fixed-price mistakes" again.

Hello thanks for your reply. I understand that i did wrong not puting limitations to this client for the fear of a bad review  but the case here is that my  protected funds drops to 0$ for some problem with the client account and then upwork will close the contract automatically giving me the 0$ protected funds for inactivity because my client don't want to fix her problem. I end with 0$ and my client gets all my work for free without any consecuence cause support can't do anything more that send her a message. I know that in the end i don't going to reciebe any money but if is the case that client can intentionally trigger a problem in her account that it's going to drop freelancer protected funds to 0 after reciebe the work  and then wait until upwork close contract automatically without responding and reciebe all work for free and upwork don't penalize this type of accounts this is a high lack of security.

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I've actually stopped taking fixed-priced projects for similar reasons. Not worth the effort until you're 110% sure everything will go smoothly.

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