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Donation for Covid-19

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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Sudip D wrote:


What should I do now for my account safety?

Ask Upwork to close your account because
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"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
^ I don't even know what René wrote that was deleted, but I am sure that I agree with it!
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Amanda L Member Since: Jan 23, 2018
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Aside from the Upwork issues, are you a licensed professional solicitor affiliated with a nonprofit organization?  


You may mean well, but that's what a scam looks like. As Petra said, it's very unprofessional. If you are raising money for a charity then you would be affiliated with that charity and directing donations directly to the charity. Handling them yourself, in the US, presents numerous issues. 


And  while I am not familiar with the charitable giving laws of countries besides the US, I'm sure there are laws surrounding that and income tax, that you could be liable for. 

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Sudip D Member Since: Apr 19, 2018
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I understand all. And I have deleted all message what I have sent to my clients.

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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HI Sudip,


While your intentions may be good, Upwork Messages with your clients isn't an appropriate place to ask for donations, as other have already noted on this thread. Making and accepting payments outside of Upwork would be considered circumvention (unless a contract has been officially moved outside Upwork following the process described here.) You may look into platforms that specialize in donations, crowdfunding or assisting charities. 

~ Valeria
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Sudip D Member Since: Apr 19, 2018
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Hi Valeria,

Thanks for your reply.  Actually  I did not know about the donation law. That's why I asked for the donation via Upwork. But a client asks me for my Paypal account. Not me. And I already told him that we should not do it.  And I told him to don't give me any money.


But I am afraid if my account will be affected by our conversation.

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David M Member Since: Aug 16, 2016
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Asking for a donation would be such a turn-off for me as a client.