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Double punishment for one client's lack of feedback?

I started a contract with a client, who later hired me for a second contract.


The client didn't leave feedback on either contract. Will both contracts count towards "excessive lack of feedback"?


In my quest to increase my JSS, sooner rather than later, I'd hoped that Upwork would count this as one client's lack of feedback - but they've told me that both of these contracts are counted.


I know the staff are under instructions not to discuss the workings of JSS.

However, I'm hoping to learn if this is at least correct according to Upwork policy.





It's really a shame that such things can't be considered on an individual basis, and common sense applied.


I worked for this client longer than any of the other freelancers hired. Each milestone was for one article.

Each subsequent milestone reflects a job well done and request for more work.


I look at the website now, and I see that half of the content is mine. There were approximately 8 freelancers hired; at the same pay rate (roughly), and the client gave me the extra work every time... 50% of the whole project.


And I didn't know that I needed the feedback for my JSS, and now get punished twice for the same client. 




I'll obviously learn from that.

If you built a good relationship with the client (as it sounds like) why don't you enable the "change feedback" option after discussing this with your client, so they can leave feedback?


Obviously if you had asked the client to end the contracts rather than doing so yourself this would now not be an issue.


I must demur on "obviously." Once one knows the fact of the policy and its workings, it is known. That a policy and such workings could be in place is arbitrary at best, counterintuitive if I'm feeling charitable, and preposterous if not.



I would not have started second contract with the same client if first one has not ended. I am not applying to clients who do not end contracts and leave feedback.