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Doubt about Disputes on Fixed Price contracts

Hello, I have opened a dispute about a fixed price contract because the client refuses to pay me for the work done. My question is about how many days the client has to answer a dispute, and what happens if he does not respond. Thank you

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I believe the client has seven days to respond. If he does not respond, then the funds will be released to you.

Hi Amalia,

Just to confirm that Preston advise is correct. The client have 7 days to respond on the dispute request, if no actions are taken the funds will be released towards you. To learn more about our dispute process you can check out this thread. If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here but please keep in mind that we can't discuss private details publicly in our Community. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thank you guys, ¿and the seven days are counted from the date the dispute tickect was created? 

Correct, Amalia, the count starts from the moment a dispute ticket request is created.

~ Bojan

The ticked was created the last saturday, so, the last day for my client to response is tomorrow saturday 3/10, rigth? and ¿will be automatically the dispute solved in the UTC time when the 7 days were reached? or ¿how its works exactly?.

This is my dispute ticket if you want to know: 22553079


Hi Amalia, 

You may want to read up on this post by Valeria for more information about disputes.


We are unable to share more information about your issue here in the Community as this is a public forum, and we would like to ensure that the case is not misrepresented in our reply. If you have further questions about your dispute, you may post it on the same ticket thread, and your Dispute Specialist will get back to you with more information. 

~ Avery
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