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Down payment with hourly contract

Question about down payments:


I'd like to require a down payment from a client to hold a spot on my calendar for several months out. I know I can do that with a milestone for a fixed price contract. But, this is an hourly contract (it's not possible to nail down a fixed price this far in advance). Do I have any other options to require a deposit up front? 


Thanks! I'm new to Upwork and want to double-check that I'm not missing something. 

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The client could pay you as a "bonus" in any amount. That might work?

Thanks for weighing in. Yes, technically a "bonus" would work, but labelling it that way makes it an awkward thing to ask from a brand new client for whom I haven't done a lick of work yet. 

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How about having 2 projects? Fixed price for getting started, then hourly for longer term. 😉

Thanks, that's a thought. Again, I hate to ask a brand new client to jump through an extra hoop, but maybe for an established client it would make sense. 


I was hoping Upwork had a built-in method to do this, since reserving in advance is very common in my industry (publishing). Sounds like that's not the case. I appreciate you weighing in.

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