Downloading files "which are not safe" by UpWork decission

This feature which prevents me from downloading exe fiels from example is ridiculous.




  1. It should be mine decission to downlaod file
  2. It should be mine responsibility to protect myself.
  3. You are blocking all files by extension, not by real threat. that si basic and today useless way of protection.
  4. I cannot be infected on Android by downlading Windows executable
  5. it si possible to upload and not to download. Why then uploading at first place? Other side si jsut confused why you cannot downlosd when it was quite well uploaded.
  6. We now need to share some files through messages, some outside, some here some there. taht makes Messages obsolite and simply moves us out of it.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Predrag,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. If you see the warnings message then the file was identified as a threat by Upwork systems. These systems are in place to protect our users as there have been instances of phishing and other attacks. There are no plans to change it in the near future.

~ Valeria

Dear, it is simply blocked by extension. No threat there. You block each and every exe.

Anyways, it is ok to warn with big letters or whatever and aske me to sign papers that I accept the risk but it is not ok to prevent me from downloading.


Especially as you have no option to turn that off on my request even when i want to take full responsibility.

that kind of blocking prevents us from working.


To make irony worse, it is blocking only windows executables and all others can safely go.
Also, if zipped it can also go and execute on the other side anyway.


I don't wat to eb proteted by you.


Useless feature.