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Dual citizenship - payment form

I am having a problem filling out a payment form. I have a dual citizenship of South Korea and the USA. I was born in the States and lived for 2 years. Over 25 years, my whole life is in South Korea. Since so, I never had an income in the USA and therefore never filed for tax related documents. In my case, what do I have to fill in, W9 or W-8BEN form? Can I fill in W-8BEN for as "I am not a US person"?

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Community Manager

Hi Namhee,


You may need to consult a local tax adviser about proper ways to report your Upwork income to your country's tax authorities. As far as Upwork Tax Information, your account should be set in the country where you currently reside, which will determine if you enter a W9 or W8-BEN.


If you don't have a registered company please provide your full legal name along with your personal address on the Tax Info page under Settings. Check out this help article for more details.

~ Bojan
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