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Dumb top rated freelancer seeking for some enlightenment.

So my job success went down. Here is how. Two stories. 5 minutes of your time.


Client hired me, funded the first milestone and 3 hours later ended the contract. Changed his mind. And we all know how hard this year is for plenty of freelancers, but why not suffer another blow. 


Second project that is active at the moment but soon it won't be like that. Client invited me for an interview which I nailed and then sent me an offer I gladly accepted. Immediately after client asked that I put $150 to my wallet account due to recent DDOS attacks to their platform. IT experts among you know that these attacks do not directly impact the security of your wallet or require you to deposit funds. When I said I won't do that, she said can you do $100 at least. I said no again and client disappeared without goodbye. Now I see it is scam obviously. So like I said, contract is still active, and I am thinking what should I do about it. Should I just end this scam affair and again bite the bull and see my job success rate go down?

Mind you, these are two contracts one after another. Incredibly stupid me or just unlucky, same thing. Job success rate will go down.


Generally, what do you recommend me to do in these kinds of situations? Should I just be less stupid, more wise and have a crystall ball or Sherlock Holmes insticsts?

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Hey Ivan, it's been my understanding that your JSS shouldn't be affected by contracts being closed out unless there's some sort of negative, verfiable reason for it. Did the first client leave you negative feedback? If not, Upwork should be able to easily see that the client just unexpectedly changed their minds and closed it out through no fault of your own. I've closed out contracts due to things like unresponsive clients and have had no noticeable effect on my JSS. Maybe it's because I closed it out and not the client, but I don't see why it should matter, as long as the reason is listed and verifiable, which is why it's a good idea to keep all contact on Upwork. Is it possible that something else outside of this project could've caused the drop?


Generally, what do you recommend me to do in these kinds of situations? Should I just be less stupid, more wise and have a crystall ball or Sherlock Holmes insticsts?

-As for this question, there's nothing you could've done about the first instance. They changed their mind, and sometimes that happens. Though if you had already began working on it, personally I would ask for them to approve that milestone for your trouble. I had a client cancel an on-going project out of nowhere with the milestone funded and activated. I had already began working on it and I mentioned that so they approved it. In the second instance, personally I would never even attempt to work with anyone that tells me that I need to pay, put money on, add to wallet, or anything even close to that because it's more than likely a scam. So in the future I'd recommend not even entertaining those conversations, but in this case it sounds like this was something that you were asked AFTER the contract was already active.

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Since you're top-rated, you can use your "top rated perk" to remove the review from the first client; this can be used once every three months/10 contracts. With the second job, you should flag it as a scam (i.e. the message where the client asked you to send money off of the platform, because that's a ToS violation). If Upwork suspends the client's  account, their feedback won't be included in your JSS.


In any case, your score is still 96 percent, which is great, so you may want to keep your top rated perk in hand in case you have any more bad luck. I would only deploy mine if my score dropped below 90 percent or if a client left a long, damaging rant as public feedback.

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Thanks for your answers. I am just sick and tired of scammers. Mind you, it happened two times in a row. Especially in this year when jobs are rare. Guess it is just a combination of my dumbness and misfortune.

In addition to what Christine said, if you close the 2nd contract there's a good chance the "client" won't come back and leave feedback. Without feedback, the no-earnings contact won't hurt you.

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I see it as hard luck. I face spam clients for my Facebook and meta ads services and the frequency of spam clients has increased a lot. Many times, they directly send the offer, which I put on hold until I know the customer. Mostly, these 'offer first' clients are spam in my case. 


In the start, I accepted 1,2 such clients. For one, I had to bear the blow. For another, I billed him for one hour before the client disappeared. I waited for the client for about 2 months and then closed the contract. It improved my JSS. 


So, in this context, closing the contract without any billing for many weeks improved my JSS. Maybe you should keep it as it is and close it after 6-8 weeks. 



Thanks Dawood. Yeah, not only client is scammer but she also left me 1 star feedback. How amazing is that?

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