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Duplicate posts/No Information Job Listings, UGH!

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Tara P Member Since: Sep 30, 2014
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Job listing need to be no LESS than 300 characters. Create a form detailing some options to include in job posting. Too many inexperienced Upworker's or new users post listings like this one. A detailed list or brief paragraph on what is expected.
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

An additional feature might be for client in a radio button form: Require interview on Upwork
Require interview on Skype
or Immediate Hire No Interview (suspicious)

Also post DUPLICATION within 1 week should be BANNED. This is not Craigslist. Users must learn and respect the process. After being on this site since 2013 - I have done my time to get to where I am. I refuse to have people take shortcuts and not abide by the rules. Also the thumbs down menu on job listings page need to have additional options for tracking purposes. I suggest: Duplicate Listing, Requests Local Person In Office (Obviously that is a long name but this type of stuff is found frequently. There are so many reasons this is a violation including getting cheaper hires and breaking employment laws and safety.)

For today's suggestions the only link I have is the one above and there are duplicates. I have encountered first hand the other issues I mentioned.

Thank you for honoring my viewpoint and complaints.

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Gerry S Member Since: Nov 23, 2014
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You need to rephrase this as a question:


How can I suggest something that will help me AND make UpWork MORE MONEY?