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EU/RO Accountant Invoices



I am registered as a PFA in Romania and perform graphic design services. It is not clear to me how to whitdraw the money so that it is aligned to the invoices.


At the moment it is more convenient to withdraw bigger amounts at once, because of the 2$ fee per withdrawal. But int his case, my back will report an entry of $X, for which I have 10 invoices of different amounts. Is that ok?


I am looking for an accountant that knows how the online freelance market works. So if someone has a recommendation I will highly appreciate it.


Thank you!

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Retired Team Member

Hi Adriana,


I would suggest to consult yourself with a local specialist on how to report your earnings in your country, thank you.

~ Goran
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Hey Adriana D,

UpWork generally leaves the financial  details to freelancers to sort out. An accountant might be your best shot, though. 

I am not sure how Romania's law works, but in Bulgaria, I draw separate invoices using a freeware software that the tax office has vetted and approved of.

I think what matters when it comes to invoices is that your payments and invoices are done within 5 days of each other. 

With this in mind, if you get money on your bank account on the 1st of April, but your invoice states that you received the money on May 15th, it might be a problem for your tax office. The bank statement must align with the invoice, I think. 

I know this is the case in Bulgaria, that's why when I work on UpWork I specifically ask clients to do monthly payments. 

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