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Earning Status Inaccurate

 Hi there,

Till this afternoon, $24k+ was showing on my account but suddenly it is $20k+ now. 

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My status went from $859k to $800k.


They decided to go back to full rounding.


Once you hit, $30k their system will update the view.

What do you think ? Is it good or bad for a freelancer ? I mean, I am not sure.

As shoppers, our instinct is to round into categories. If you are listed as having earned 24k and another freelancer is listed as 26.5k, my takeaway is that both of you are in the 20k-30k lifetime earnings bracket. Now, if I saw that you were at 29k and your competitor was at 21k, I would likely round you up to 30k anyways and consider that factor. But I really wouldn't, because that level of difference in earnings really means nothing as far as skill and experience go.

Yeah that's correct. I thought the numbers were just disappeared. But if it's the case just to make it round then it's fine.

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Hi im a new comers for upwork im want to job 

Take the Upwork Academy courses. I highly recommend improving your profile description, job history, skills, etc.

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