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Earning through a clients website.

Hi, I am fairly new to the upwork community and have recently started doing work for one client. The job has preceded as normal so far but I am curious if I am violating any of upwork's rules. 

For the client, he created me a profile on a website and has me write product reviews for him through his own platform. I earn money on his platform and when I've reached a certain amount, I can request payment, which he pays me through upwork. However, does this go against any rules? He has always paid me so far and seems honest, but I am starting to be concerned about the job.

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I think you are OK, provided you only ever accept payment via Upwork. Don't be tempted to move away from this arrangement until you have been with the client for two years, and even then, best to ask again.


In what way are you worried about the job?


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Product Reviews of stuff you never used? Does that sound ethical to you?

Its not actually reviewing the product but more describing it..

Hi Joel,

As Nichola have advised you, as long as everything is paid trough Upwork your not making any violations.
Can you send me a PM with the contract ID/title and our team will review the client and the job post further.

~ Goran
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The review / product descprition issue aside.......


Your doing work for a client. He askes you to complete various tasks, and pays you through Upwork. 


This is how it works. 



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I do VOs for a client with a similar situation. I have an account on his website, which keeps track of my projects and earnings. At  the end of each month, he pays me through Upwork the amount owed. Nothing wrong with that at all. Because he (and, I suspect, your client) use freelancers from all over the place, it's basically just a convenient way for them to keep track. 


But like others have said, as long as the payments themselves are going through Upwork, you're doing fine. 

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